Humans have been representing the natural world in artwork even long before the time of painted hall of bulls in the caves of Lascaux more than 10,000 years ago. From prehistoric to postmodernism, we see natural imagery created for sympathetic magic, mythic allegories, metaphors for transcendence, rational scientific studies, and contemporary philosophy. It is clear that the potency of this imagery within our collective human psyche has continued to run with us in our internal and external perceptions. The evolution of intention behind these images appears to mirror the stages of our individual and collective rationale throughout the ages. 

sample7 landscape.jpg


When I began to explore life as a kind of journey within a multidimensional landscape, I started to look seriously into the layers of internal and external space that I inhabit and the serious challenges facing this world. I could ramble on with a long artsy statement, but really- love and life's struggle- is where the art happens for me. And I am honored to witness this journey with my little troupe of artists. I hope that people find a moment of pause when viewing my work. Gw Baker 2020

George Wendell Baker